Targeted supporter journeys for smarter campaigns

Ahead of the 2016 National Assembly elections for Wales, Plaid Cymru engaged us to build a new digital campaign infrastructure that could engage with voters in a more targeted, compelling and social way.

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Working closely with Plaid’s team we created a dynamic supporter journey. Supporters are encouraged to complete important information, or asked to perform specific tasks like volunteering or connecting with Facebook, on a profile ‘check-list’ that remains customised for each individual.

Through the campaign, this allowed Plaid to ensure that supporters were automatically being shown the most useful next steps to take, at scale and without manual updates from the campaigns team. Most importantly, it allowed local organisers to gauge different levels of support, and to target staff and volunteers more effectively.

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Plaid’s campaigning model is highly localised, distributed and responsive. Therefore, the resulting website design needed to be flexible enough for adoption within multiple constituencies without extra development work, and it needed to have full dual-language capability.

It was a pleasure working with the team at Plaid Cymru, and were delighted to see them increase their share of the vote to become the Assembly's second-largest party and the official opposition to the Welsh Government.

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