Our Story

Brand Response is a political technology studio with
clients in London, Berlin and Los Angeles


The public is the most untrusting it has ever been. Today it is no longer enough to broadcast your message in one dimension. Engementment needs to be highly targeted, dynamic and across platforms.

To drive action you need to create a community, start a lasting movement for change both online and off. You need to build trust and distribute leadership.

Meanwhile traditional one-size-fits-all full service agencies and IT guys stuck in the basement are in decline. Waves of new tech startups and challenger Apps are rapidly eating old-school market share, harnessing emerging trends and breaking down silos (between data and people).


Brand Response was created as a ‘response’ to this new normal, a moment of great complexity and even greater opportunity. Our background is a unique blend of politics, technology and enterprise that helps our clients grow movements and win campaigns. We are a small boutique firm focused across three areas. 

  • Web Development
  • Fundraising & Relationships
  • Tribe Digital Advertising